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I've always been a story teller. Even before I could read, I was carrying books around the house. I brought them to my mom and would insist on "reading" it to her. Not knowing the words, I pointed to the pictures and babbled.

Nowadays, my story telling has a lot to do with current events. I read a lot, listen to podcasts, and watch documentaries. I take those, have a few conversations on the internet and in real life, and I  create my own hypotheses. Then I put those ideas into what my wife calls "Jessplainations." This blog is a written version of all my Jessplainations.

I studied persuasive communication in college, and spent some time on the speech and debate team. I'm currently working in politics and I am active in my community. My goal is to bring people together by helping show that we're not as different as we think. Many of us grew up with the idea that we shouldn't discuss politics, but that's exactly how we become more polarized. We need to be courageous enough to address tough subjects in a rational way in order to find our similarities and make tangible progress. It's hard to hate someone you're looking in the eye.